Supplier of high quality handheld rfid readers

Why Choose Tracient?

 point 2 1. Lightweight - Our readers are much lighter than PDA’s with built-in RFID and are designed to fit comfortably in the hand. They can be carried and used all day without fatigue.
 point 2  2. Versatile - All our readers incorporate both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, which gives you ultimate flexibility. Compatible with a wide range of handheld computers and devices, our readers give you the ability to mix and match with your existing handhelds. For example, if you are buying new, you can choose from a wide range of PDA's, getting RFID at a price you can afford. Our readers can even work without a PDA if your needs are simply to collect data.
 point 2  3. Cost Effective - Using our readers allows you to leverage your existing investment in mobile technology without having to perform costly upgrades to RFID integrated devices. Even if you do have to buy new handhelds, the combined cost of Tracient’s readers and a low to middle tier handheld is invariably lower than the cost of RFID integrated handhelds. Tracient's readers also provide a simple solution where fixed readers are not viable due to cost or a lack of space.
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4. Quick and Easy - Tracient’s software enables the readers to talk with virtually any other computing or wireless device. Minimal or no software development is required to partner theses devices, it is as easy as unpacking the CD ROM and following the instructions! Imagine unpacking an RFID kit and having a hand held RFID reader transferring information to your information system within minutes! With Tracient’s “out of the box” solutions, this is possible.

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5. Barcode to RFID - The cost effectiveness and flexibility of Tracient’s readers makes them perfect for testing your business case for RFID. You can use them to prove an ROI in a pilot scheme, then you may deploy them in your RFID solution. Hence they provide an excellent low cost migration path between bar coded systems and more expensive fully integrated RFID systems.

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