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Tag Services:

  • Systems Engineering for tag selection
  • Tag order fulfillment and management
  • Personalization, colouring, Branding
  • Reader, Tag, Software, bundling
  • Design services for mechanical design
  • R.F Design of application specific Antennas

Tag selection is fundamental to an RFID solution and can involve a number of selection criteria that take into account not only physical characteristics, but performance in the field of use and is also dependent on the items being tagged. Tracient’s professional services team offer technical assistance and access to a full range of tags from global suppliers to suit your price, performance and quantity demands.

Below is a list of considerations for when you are selecting tags for your applications:-

  • Form Factor of the tag to suit the item being tagged
  • Environmental conditions that the tag operates in can dictate packaging
  • The frequency range of operation
  • Compliance to regulatory standards
  • Interoperability within the industry
  • The required read range
  • Read or write capability and how often it needs to be written
  • Throughput of tag reads in a dense tag environment
  • Cost impact and the relative merits of active, semi-active or passive tags or labels

Tracient will assist with tag selection and can source and supply tags in a wide variety of packages and encapsulations. In addition, Tracient offers a design service for mechanical and radio frequency design of application specific tag packages. Branding of tags with customer logos can also be provided. Tracient hold stocks of commonly sought after tag styles

As specialist radio frequency engineers, Tracient can design and manufacture application specific Radio Antennas for OEMs.