Supplier of high quality handheld rfid readers


Mobile environments need mobile solutions that generate operational efficiencies. Tracient’s products incorporate the latest in automatic identification and data collection technologies.

Our RFID products are specifically designed for the mobile worker, they work for a full 12 hour shift, are lightweight, simple to use and communicate with a wide range of handheld devices including smartphones, PDAs and portable computers. To make it easy for your to investigate how RFID can provide you with a compelling ROI, Tracient can provide you with a low cost discovery kit which includes all the items necessary for a basic RFID trial.

In addition, Tracient provides you with the specific expertise to incorporate RFID technology into your business with our RFID design services and RFID integration services. Tracient can assist you to select the right RFID solution for your application and provide access to suppliers from around the globe. Tracient also offers a tag selection service.

Tracient’s considerable experience in data collection for the mobile worker includes the cornerstones for asset management and proof of ownership:

  • Position - using GPS systems
  • Identification  - using barcode or RFID
  • Condition monitoring  - using sensors
  • Authentication  - using signature capture, time-stamped records and biometric devices