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1 June 2010 - Signs of a maturing RFID market continue as companies look towards application specific RFID designs specific to their market sectors. Tracient has continued its commitment to making RFID an implicit part of commercial and industrial processes by designing a range of products for laboratory testing of milk samples for the SAITL laboratory, part of the dairy industry giant Fonterra.

Tracient has designed a range of multi-way sample vial readers for use on the benchtop or in sophisticated processing robots and automated testers scanning and identifying the position of up to 150 tags in large racks. Read the full story in RFID Journal .

30 October 2009  - Tracient has signed RFID TagSource as their distributor for Canada, USA and Mexico. This will enable our North American customers to receive local time customer support and faster purchasing turnaround. Read more

13 August 2009 - FieldAtWork, an Australian Systems Integrator is using Tracient’s Padl-R HF RFID readers to monitor the time taken by workers to complete tasks in large truss-tomato glasshouses. The results allow analysis and optimisation of handling processes. Read the case study... 

24 July 2009 - Datanet Solutions, a South Australian based systems integrator, is pairing Tracient’s Padl-R HF with Motorola MC70s to match recycle bin serial numbers with the bin delivery address.Read the case study... 

6 April 2009 - Tracient will be showing a sneak preview of its new NFC Reader/writer at the RFID Journal Live Event in Orlando. The Wi-Fi enabled Explorer-HF2 will be on display to show how "Software As A Service" aplications can be rapidly developed with RFID/NFC Integration into  Retail environments. Read More...

7 January 2009 - CASE Inc, an Alabama based software development company specializing in safety and environmental inspections, has developed a tracking solution incorporating Tracient’s handheld RFID readers and Motion F5 tablet PC’s. Read the case study.

1 December 2008 - PeakWorks, an Ontario, Canada based manufacturer of safety harnesses for industrial customers uses Tracient Technologies’ handheld Padl-R HF RFID reader to accurately identify each piece of equipment before deployment into the field. read the case study 

19 November 2008 - Tracient’s Explore-R HF handheld RFID reader has been used in a low cost asset tracking solution with Blackberry 8700G Devices.  The solution has been trialled by Farmacias del Ahorro, a pharmacy franchise with 700 franchisees through-out Mexico. Read the case study

7 October 2008 - Tracient’s Explore-R HF handheld RFID reader has been used in a low cost asset tracking solution with Blackberry 8700G Devices.  The solution has been trialled by Farmacias del Ahorro, a pharmacy franchise with 700 franchisees through-out Mexico. Read the case study   View Press release

8 September 2008 - Tracient’s Explore-R compact RFID readers have been paired with Nokia E61i phones to provide a quick way of scanning attendees at Sun Micro System’s JavaOne Conference. Scanning people's badges while they are in line means they are moved much faster into the rooms than in previous years, ensuring less time in queues for attendees and everyone being seated on time for the sessions. Read the case study   View Press release

28 May 2008 - Tracient's RFID readers can now read both IPX and EPC Gen2 protocols. The IPX protocol allows for faster read rates and is used in applications such as retail apparel stocktaking.

28 January 2008 - Tracient Technologies has entered into a strategic partnership with North America’s leading academic authority, Academia RFID, to offer on-line RFID training sessions and on-site RFID certifications in Australia and New Zealand. View Academia Press Release 

10 January 2008 - Tracient is pleased to announce that our UHF EPC Gen2 RFID reader is now fully FCC compliant. Furthermore the product also meets European ETSI requirements for RFID readers and for EMC compliance.

23 October 2007 - Tracient Technologies today launched their new handheld UHF RFID reader. Stylish and ergonomic, the Padl-R UF can be connected quickly to any Bluetooth enabled device, thus giving it rapid RFID capability. View Padl-R UF Press Release

4 October 2007 - Tracient Technologies’ handheld RFID readers are being used in an apparel stocktaking application in Singapore. SeeNow Pte Ltd, an RFID solutions provider, has collaborated with Tracient to deliver a comprehensive RFID solution for the apparel industry. Their “Smart Shop” system gives businesses real-time visibility of stock and improved on-shelf availability for in-demand items. View SeeNow Case Study

08 September 2007 - Tracient Technologies has helped provide New Zealand company Mini Tankers with a high-end solution that builds on existing service platforms and improves the service that Mini Tankers provides it's customers and franchisees. View Shell Mini Tankers Case Study  

19 July 2007 - Tracient has just completed a comprehensive update of our Trace Connect™ and TraceConnect™ SDK software packages. The upgrade has produced software that is robust and user friendly, allowing fast and easy integration of Tracient’s RFID readers with laptops, desktops, PDA’s and cell phones. Minimal knowledge/ work is required by users to get the readers talking to the device of their choice via Bluetooth or USB.

06 July 2007 - Tracient Technologies has today launched another trend setting RFID product.  Tracient’s new "credit card" sized portable RFID reader, the Explore-R, is an ultra compact device featuring both Bluetooth and USB interfaces... Press Release (PDF) 

17 April 2007 - Tracient Technologies and Narian Technologies llc have developed a revolutionary new NFC enabler that could make 100’s of millions of current phones fully NFC capable today. This technology will aid in driving forward NFC to its eventual standard embedding in mobile phones. The product is ultra-compact, highly affordable, and gives consumers NFC capabilities right now, rather than years away...
Press Release (PDF)  
28 February 2007 - Tracient Technologies announced today that it has acquired the Professional Service and RFID Design division of Blackbay Ltd in order to commercialize a number of RFID products and grow its Automatic Identification and Data Capture business...