Supplier of high quality handheld rfid readers


The Scan-R UF reader directly addresses the key issues facing mobile workers. It is lightweight, can be worn on the arm to keep hands free, has a good battery life to last a full 12 hour shift operation and is suitable as a retrofit option for operations that already use a handheld device, effectively maximising existing investments.
The unit is ideal for the mobile workforce to track and monitor mobile assets and for inventory management inside and outside the warehouse. The Scan-R UF is readily paired with a wide variety of wireless handheld PDAs including the Symbol® MC70 and many more. When combined with PDA device features such as WAN/WLAN, the Scan-R UF can create new opportunities to combine Automatic Identification using RFID with Enterprise database systems. The Scan-R UF works equally well when connected via Bluetooth or USB to a laptop or desktop computer.
Our Scan-R UF RFID Discovery kit is also available which includes a reader, sample tags in various styles, software for easy (no code) application development plus access to our consultancy services for business process engineering and aftermarket support services.

Key Features:

  • Designed for handheld, back of hand, arm mount, ergonomic styling, truly wearable RFID product
  • Highly configurable user interface to enable a variety of business models such as push to read, remote triggering or 'always on' operation
  • Compatible with ISO18000-6B tags
  • Full read/write functionality for compatible tags
  • Lightweight portable mid range reader powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. Additional heavy use battery available in Pistol Grip
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to Microsoft Windows™, PocketPC™, WinCE.NET™ PDA Software development kit available or other operating systems on request
  • RFIDWedge software supplied allowing no programming integration of the RFID reader with Microsoft Word™, Excel™, Pocket Word™ and Pocket Excel™ or direct integration into your software application
  • RFID Connect SDK (Software Development Kit) supplied with examples
  • Available with ActiveX controls for Microsoft Windows application programmers undertaking software integration
  • USB connection for configuration, power supply and battery recharge, “always on” for tag scanning operation
  • Easy configuration via PC based configuration tool for application specific uses: audio tones, status LEDs, single button operation
  • Ideal for applications including asset management, condition monitoring, security, inventory control, vending and ticketing
  • Can be used in conjunction with Bluetooth GPS location devices for asset mapping for GIS database systems