Supplier of high quality handheld rfid readers


Tracient provides RFID solutions to a wide range of vertical markets including:  

  Apparel & Footwear – Tracient's readers are ideal for retail inventory taking and POS because they are lightweight, stylish and easy to use. A Singaporean customer has had major success in reducing inventory take time from 12 hours to 30 minutes. Read the Case Study.
 rfid rubbish bin recycling Garbage Bin Delivery Datanet Solutions, a South Australian based systems integrator, is pairing Tracient’s Padl-R HF with Motorola MC70s to match recycle bin serial numbers with the bin delivery address. Read the Case Study.
  Petrochemicals – Durability is a key factor for mobile feild-force solutions. A New Zealand company is utilising Tracient's Padl-R HF reader for fuel management. Key benefits are more accurate fuel information, reduction in time spent on back office administration and improved billing information. Read the Case Study.
 vineyard_thumbnail.jpg Viticulture - Tracient’s readers are being utilised for asset management in viticulture and agriculture sectors. The readers can provide instant access to asset information over smart phones for programmed or pre-emptive asset maintenance. The readers are also applicable for energy and telecommunication networks.
 dvineripe_thumbnail.jpg Time and Work flow Management- FieldAtWork, an Australian Systems Integrator is using Tracient’s Padl-R HF RFID readers to monitor the time taken by workers to complete tasks in large truss-tomato glasshouses. This enables analysis of workflows, process time efficiencies and the development of worker training programs. Case Study .  
 scanning3.jpg Event Management- Tracient’s compact RFID readers have been paired with mobile phones to provide a quick way of scanning attendees at conferences. Scanning people's badges while they are in line means they are moved much faster into the rooms than in previous years, ensuring less time in queues for attendees and everyone being seated on time for the sessions. Read the Case Study
 pharmacy.jpg Asset Tracking - Tracient's Explore-R HF handheld RFID reader has been used in a low cost asset tracking solution with Blackberry Devices. The solution has been deployed by Farmacias del Ahorro, a pharmacy franchise with 700 franchisees through-out Mexico. Read the Case Study
 harness.gif Manufacturing– Handheld RFID readers are often used to identify manufactured items during and at the end of a production line. For example the manufacture of safety harnesses. Read the Case Study .   
 eyewash eqpt Safety Equipment Inspections – Construction and manufacturing companies are required by law to conduct regular inspections on safety equipment such as eye washes, safety showers and fire extinguishers . Essential to the inspection is accurate identification of the asset and accurate data entry. Read the Case Study .
  Laboratory Services – Tracient has assisted a major New Zealand dairy company with sample processing and quality control systems. 28,00 samples are processed daily with increased throughput and a reduction of data entry errors.
 hospitalbed.jpg Healthcare – Tracient’s handheld readers can be used for patient/ medicine/ record identification plus critical asset tracking.
 beerbarrel.jpg Asset Tracking – Utilise your legacy handheld devices to track beer kegs, gas cylinders, tires, workshop tools and equipment, roll cages, mining equipment, sales samples and office equipment. Tracient has customers using Padl-R HF and UHF readers to track all these types of assets
 security.jpg Security – The 'write' function on Tracient's readers enables saecurity workers to provide proof of attendance. Listen to a Podcast on the use of RFID for customer dispute resolution in the security industry in English , or in French.