Supplier of high quality handheld rfid readers


Tracient's wireless RFID readers enable Information Technology managers and business decision makers to gain efficiencies and reduce costs though the use of handheld Auto-Id technology. Whether you want to track mobile assets, people or maintain control of your inventory - if it moves, it needs a mobile solution.

That is why Tracient develops and manufactures HF and UHF wireless RFID readers designed specifically for hand held operation. Our products are wireless, enabling workers to electronically capture information where fixed RFID readers or Barcode readers are not available or not as effective.


Key Benefits of Handheld RFID:

* Reduced paperwork and elimination of data entry errors.
* RFID can work in harsh environments where barcodes cannot.
* Information can be saved back to the tag for others to read.
* Real-time visibility allows better decisions on work planning and asset flows.
* Many tags can be read almost simultaneously which significantly speeds up business processes.
* Automating business processes results in reduced labour costs.
* Performance metrics for service level or compliance adherence can be implimented.
* Time, people, parts and events can be tracked in order to decrease response times to your customers.



HF Handheld Reader
Padl-R HF Bluetooth enabled handheld reader. This lightweight, easy to use reader operates at 13.56 MHZ with a number of tag protocols including: ISO 15693, ISO 14443, ICODE, ISO18000-3M1 and Mifare
HF Handheld Reader



UHF Handheld Reader
Padl-R UF Bluetooth enabled handheld UHF (GEN2) Reader. This leading edge device complies with ISO18000-6B, 6C, EPC C1G2 and is designed for item level tracking or inventory management.
UHF Handheld Reader


tp0012a.jpg  LF Handheld Reader

The TP0012 The TP0012 is a Compact Low Frequency Handheld Bluetooth enabled RFID Reader capable of reading animal ear tags at 134.2 kHz. The product includes support for ISO11784/85 tags FDX-B, FDX-A (FECAVA), HDX, and ID64.