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Data Capture  Made Easy Using RFIDWedge

RFID is an Auto ID technology that provides significant benefits in a wide variety of business processes. But testing how it can be utilized in your business can be expensive and risky. It can involve significant financial and human resources and at the end there is no guarantee you will get the desired result. Ideally you want to be able to do it quickly, using your legacy equipment and software, with minimal disruption to your existing processes.
Tracient’s RFIDWedge enables you to transfer  RFID tag information into your legacy enterprise system with little or no integration into your application software. It works the same way as a bar code Scan Wedge, allowing you to input data from the data capture device directly into the application as if you had typed it in from the keyboard. The upshot is you can test RFID immediately  on your existing barcode information system without committing to anything more than a Tracient handheld RFID reader. 

How Tracient’s RFIDWedge Works
RFIDWedge runs on any device that connects via Bluetooth or can operate as a USB  host. I.e. desktop PCs, laptops, PDAs. Once RFIDWedge has been installed (a process that takes only a couple of minutes), the device can be quickly connected to one of Tracient’s RFID readers (HF or UHF) and you are ready to read and record RFID tag Ids and data.
Next step is determining how you are going to emulate your existing data. Say you are considering migrating from barcodes to RFID, or maybe running both in tandem until you figure out where the paybacks are. You already have barcode numbers in your enterprise database, and you want to introduce RFID tag Ids to the database without duplicating items. It is a simple process to write the barcode number of an item into the data section of an RFID tag using one of Tracient’s handheld readers. Then using the datascan function in RFIDWedge you can read the barcode number in the tag data with the reader and transfer it  into your database. Your application can be configured to receive the barcode number as if it has just been scanned by a barcode reader.

For example: you have a Barcode number 1234 and an RFID tag with Id 5678. The 1234 is written to the RFID tag’s memory and captured when read by the reader. Your software application reports 1234 as the tag  that has been read, thus emulating a barcode.
Companies use tag Id’s and information in all sorts of different ways so RFIDWedge offers a variety of tag output options:

a)     Destination File
Depending on your needs, tag data can be placed into:

  • The foreground application.
  • Clipboard.
  • Microsoft  Notepad, Word or Excel. 
  • Web based applications.
  • Third party forms based applications e.g PTS Tracer Plus.
  • A selected application.

b)    Data Format
The format of the tag information is variable. You may want to export tag Ids into a Microsoft Access or Excel spreadsheet in which case you would select to output the data as a csv file. Or you may want the data in word format in which case you would select to output the data as a txt file. The tag data might be for a thin client (web based) application where you need the information in xml format or you may require digital output formats such as EPC GID 96 (a serialized version of the GS1 Global Trade Item Number). Custom formats can also be accommodated.

c)    Field Separators and Output Terminators
Output data can be separated according to how the data needs to be displayed. Field separators include coma, colon, space, tab and enter key. Output terminators can be chosen from a similar list.

d)    Content
Tag output content can be customised as required. Along with tag Ids, the tag information can include timestamps, reader identity, or user defined data stored on the tag such as: expiry date, date of next service, name of owner, proprietary asset number, etc.

Tracient believes products get used if they are useful, intuitive and simple to use. With that in mind RFID Wedge has some other nifty features.

  1. Filenames Field - You may have a scenario where you are collecting data on a daily basis. Instead of placing data in the same file each time (thus creating search problems when looking for a particular day’s data), RFIDWedge can automatically create individual files for each day.
  2. Auto Connect -Saves time by allowing you to automatically connect to a particular reader (e.g the one you normally use) without having to search for new readers on start up.
  3. Read Modes -RFIDWedge can trigger reads in a number of different ways. It can instruct the readers to:
  • Scan for tags continuously,
  • Read in  ‘burst’ mode (where the reader reads tags until there are no more tags in the field, then stops),Read on a button push
  • Read on remote triggering.

RFIDWedge enables companies to drastically reduce RFID development costs by allowing them to quickly interface RFID technology with legacy software applications. It is ideal for proof of concept testing and also for migration from bar coded devices.
The speed and ease with which RFID tag Ids and data can be read into a legacy software application has some compelling benefits:

  1. Reduced risk. You can explore how RFID can work in your business processes without the lengthy and costly programming of an RFID interface with your application.
  2. Minimal disruption. You can continue operating your legacy system at the same time so there is little disruption to your regular business processes during testing and changeover.
  3. Accelerated decision making. Out of the box use means RFID testing can commence quickly enabling faster decision making.
How do you get hold of RFIDWedge? It’s not sold as a separate product but is packaged free of charge with every reader from Tracient. So to start testing RFID using your legacy software and computing devices go to the online store on our web site. You’ll be amazed how simple it is.

For more information about RFIDWedge or Tracient’s mobile RFID readers, please contact:
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