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Business Applications Brochure - This document describes the Tracient product range in terms of its potential business applications
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What's In the box - This document summarises the different Tracient RFID products and bundled software
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Feature Article - Create Business Applications on your cell phone that are RFID enabled. Field Force Automation with RFID [download here]

TraceConnect Overview  - Overview of the TraceConnect Software 
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Tracient SDK Overview  - Overview of the Tracient Software Devlopment Kit 
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Tracient SDK API Overview - Overview of the Tracient Software Devlopment Kit API
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Tracient Warranty Statement 
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Application Notes

This section carries application notes for developers and end users. Click on the links to download the pdf.

  • AN01 – Installing RFIDWedge on a Windows Mobile® Device
  • AN02 – Using the Blackbay RFID Java Midlet Demo (obsolete)
  • AN03 – Using The Blackbay RFID reader with PTS TracerPlus™ (obsolete)
  • AN04 – Using RFID with Bluetooth USB adaptors (bluesoleil)
  • AN05 – Running RFIDWedge on the Harrier
  • AN06 – Introduction to the Modul-R HF (13.56 MHz) RFID OEM Reader Module (obsolete)
  • AN07 – Using The Tracient RFID Java Midlet Demo to read a URL from a tag and launch an application on the phone
  • AN08 – Configuring Operating and DataScan modes in Tracient RFID Readers.
  • AN09 – Virtual COM port Connections on Bluetooth Enabled Laptops and Desktop Computers.
  • AN10 – Using The Tracient RFID URL Java Midlet Demo
  • AN11 – Connecting a Reader to Terminal Emulators or Industrial PLC devices

Quick Tips

 This section provides quick and handy information "How to" information
A quick guide to getting the best out of your handheld Reader
  • QuickTip 01 - Emulating Multi Field Columnar lists with RFIDWedge.
  • QuickTip 02 - Installing RFIDWedge and Drivers on a Windows Mobile PDA.
  • QuickTip 03 - Installing and using the Stock Counting Demo a Windows Mobile PDA.
  • QuickTip 04 - Installing or upgrading firmware on the MC70 or MC75.
  • QuickTip 05 - Installing or upgrading firmware on the Psion WorkAbout Pro G2.