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Create Business Applications on your cell phone that are RFID enabled.

Tracient’s RFID technology allows you to gain a business advantage from your mobile field force solution without needing an RFID enabled phone. In fact just about any phone running J2ME that is Bluetooth enabled could be used, thus saving on the cost of doing a complete technology refresh in your organisation.


RFID enabled Field Force Solutions on cell phones

Whether you are a security guard patrolling buildings with valuable equipment, a sanitation worker ensuring public facilities are cleaned regularly, a truck driver delivering cargo or a postal worker collecting mail from mail boxes, mobile workers need mobile solutions.
If only you could prove that someone from your business was at a certain place, at a certain time,  performed a certain function or was in contact with a specific item - wouldn’t your customers value that knowledge; wouldn’t it give you the edge over your competitors and just maybe it could save you a lot of time and money at the same time.
What if you could create traceability with your phone!

To show you what’s possible we’ve created a simple java application that runs on your Motorola or Nokia phone that communicates to our RFID reader via Bluetooth so that you can explore the possibilities created by being able to positively identify an asset or an item in the field.  You can create a time stamp to validate your actions and you can even store information back to the tag to create an audit trail for proof of service. 

The key to more efficient and productive operations lies in the convergence of Mobile Enterprise Software, Automatic identification and data capture and wireless communications so that mobile workers can employ mobile solutions!

Tracient RFID
Tracient’s handheld RFID readers are especially designed for field workers who need an easy to use, lightweight data capture product that works all day without needing time consuming battery charges. Our tools are designed to drive business efficiencies and reduce costs by combining RFID technology with business applications running on a cell phone.
Now you can gain a business advantage from your mobile Field Force solution without needing an integrated RFID enabled phone. In fact we estimate about 350,000,000 phones have been deployed that are running J2ME and are Bluetooth enabled, all potentially capable of being used.

Retrofitting with RFID

Using this retrofit approach to incorporate RFID into your mobile infrastructure you can:

  • Lower your capital outlay to add RFID by leveraging off the phone you have
  • Lower total cost of ownership and extended through life of existing infrastructure
  • Enable incremental deployment and controlled migration from existing processes , thus minimising the risk to business.
  • Lower the cost of implementation for small to medium enterprises.
  • Permit a flexible mix and match allows RFID to be deployed only where it is needed yet maintain a consistent phone platform across the organisation
  • Prevent being locked in to an expensive phone handset in advance of maturing RFID solutions and standardisation.
  • Permit use of multi protocol deployments using close proximity RFID readers or long range (GEN2) readers

There are a large number of applications that can be provided over a wide range of industry sectors but essentially the business drivers are often the same – organisations needed to gather information from the field in a timely manner and in turn direct workers to perform their tasks in an efficient and productive manner. Often organisations will be required to prove that they have carried out their required tasks on time and to the satisfaction of the customer. These requirements are generally described as “proof of service” , and cover such details as: proof of collection, of delivery, of action or of time and attendance.

The Benefits of a Mobilised Workforce

If you haven’t taken the step to mobilize your workforce here are some things to ponder from a survey of 600 field service companies that deployed mobile field solutions (source Aberdeen Group):
  • 27% improvement in worker productivity
  • 19% increase in customer satisfaction /retention
  • 13% increase in service revenues
  • 17% increase in overall profitability

The Benefits of RFID:

Over and above using a Field force solution RFID tag technology can be used to drive further efficiency gains in a business:
  • By automating and reducing the time it takes to perform tasks
  • By capturing work flows to enable process optimisation and route planning
  • By reducing the cost of reporting and data capture.
  • By reducing the probability of data entry errors
  • By providing a means of identification that stand up to harsher environmental conditions than bar codes
  • By creating independent audit trails by storing key time and attendance or proof of service details back on to the tag
  • By providing higher data densities locally reducing the communications requirements for interrogating remote centralised databases
  • By lengthening the lifespan of the process without having to refurbish or replace barcodes
  • By consolidating multiple barcodes onto a single tag reducing the complexity of the identification process
  • By reducing the potential for counterfeiting or cheating
  • By offering the potential to read multiple tags nearly simultaneously from long range