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Tracient Technologies specializes in wireless, handheld and mobile RFID readers utilizing both HF and UHF frequencies.

Handheld RFID Readers

Tracient’s handheld RFID Readers and countertop RFID readers can be quickly integrated into your current business software without significant capital expenditure or time. Stylish and ergonomic, a Tracient reader can be connected quickly to your Bluetooth® enabled device (PDA, cell phone, smart phone, PC, laptop) thus giving the device rapid RFID capability. Tracient also offers RFID consultancy and tag selection services.
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Capture Data directly to your application using Tracient's RFIDWedge.

Looking to test RFID on your current software using your existing (legacy) hardware? This can be a painful and risky process. With Tracient’s RFIDWedge you can substitute a bar code scanner with RFID readers and export RFID tag Ids and data into your existing software applications with minimal set-up, saving you significant time and money. more>   




The TP0012 is a Compact Low Frequency Handheld Bluetooth enabled RFID Reader capable of reading animal ear tags at 125-134.2 kHz. The product includes support for ISO11784/85 tags FDX-B, FDX-A, HDX, and others.

The Reader can read NAIT animal tags in the New Zealand Market. 

The reader is ergonomically designed for close-quarter work with animals or animal samples and is ideal for rapid verification activities.

It is lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand.

The device features a class II Bluetooth interface capable of use up to about 10m from a connected terminal device such as a PC or handheld computer.

Now you can leverage your existing investment in handheld computers to quickly add RFID functionality.

Ideal For:

  • Close quarter work with animals or pets
  • Laboratory Use tracking samples used for livestock processes.
  • Quickly recording assets uniquely, avoid data entry errors.
  • Ensuring Authenticity crosschecking animal identifiers with Animal registration databases.
  • Saving Time in stock taking operations.
  • Proving attendance when performing inspections.
  • Enforcing process compliance to ensure no steps are missed in everyday tasks.


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